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Nov 012011

Study in Australia

Australia offers students from the Netherlands a high standard of education, with internationally recognized qualifications, and a safe and beautiful environment in which to live and travel.

Students from all over the world come to Australia every year to take advantage of our world-class universities. In fact, currently Australia ranks third in the English-speaking world behind the United States and Britain as an international student destination.  Australia is a safe, multicultural, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society in which students can travel and learn in an English speaking country. Australians value the wealth of cultural diversity and social sophistication that international students bring to our campuses and our communities.

While Australians pride themselves in their ability to work hard, they also enjoy the great outdoors.  Studying in Australia will also allow you the chance to practice numerous sports, tour the magnificent coastline, venture inland to the outback, enjoy outdoor eating, and observe at close range some of the most unique flora and fauna on the planet.

Choosing your University

There are currently 39 universities in Australia, 37 of which are public.  Australian universities are multidisciplinary and offer a range of subjects at course work and research level. These levels equal Dutch education levels respectively at universities of applied sciences (HBO) and research universities.  In addition to the classics such as humanities, science, agriculture, medicine, law, education and engineering; students can also study fine arts, communication, economics and business studies. There are also the disciplines for which Australia is particularly well known including Asian studies, environmental sciences, viticulture, oenology, cultural studies, multi-media, marine biology, veterinary studies and the ever popular MBAs. Australian universities offer large, leafy campuses, state-of-the-art facilities and personalized tuition. While improving your academic qualification there will be a wide range of recreation activities available to you.


Endeavour Australia-Europe Postgraduate Student Awards

The Endeavour Australia-Europe Postgraduate Student Awards aim to strengthen Australia’s education and research relationships with its bilateral partners in Europe, including the Netherlands, and enables Dutch scholars to undertake postgraduate study or research in target disciplines.

Vocational Education/English Language Courses/Foundation Courses

Australian schools and linguistic institutions offer many options to study English as a second language. Courses are offered for a duration of two and six weeks and even longer. Many institutions combine an English course with work or travel.

Australia offers also excellent Vocational Education and Training (VET). This education level is comparable to the Dutch MBO of ROC education programs. These practical courses offer you a wide range of training, combined with traineeships, a good and challenging environment and the possibility to improve your English language skills as well. Besides, you have the possibility to enjoy the great outdoor life Australia has to offer.

Primary and Secondary Education

Also for the very young, Australia has a good education system. Primary and secondary education is of a high standard. These education levels are accredited by the states and territories. All regions have great schools and are happy to welcome your children at their institution.